A downloadable game for Windows

*Eventually requires extreme multi-tasking, can be unenjoyable if you are unable to focus on multiple things at once*

You need to be a master of the mouse and king of the keyboard.

Jump gaps, dodge lasers, stop when told, use the mouse and jump back and forth across the screen in 60 levels. This will take you at least one hour to finish.

The game has saving and loading futures, if for some reason you would ever want to return to it.

A nihilistic-themed and frustrating platformer that only a true idiot would want to play let alone finish. AVOID IF YOU ARE PRONE TO EPILEPSY (but it's not too bad).

Install instructions

Download the .zip file attached, then extract the entire .zip file, finally run the application in the extracted file.


Back and Forth.zip (4 MB)

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