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This is just a proof-of-concept, and can run in the background.
Leave the programme running and you are likely to end up with the strongest possible squares, until space limits growth.
Given that there is an equal chance of having a smaller and larger square, this demonstrates a simplification of how natural selection may occur.


Mouse Wheel: Zoom
Mouse Clicks: Raise or reduce the volatility of evolution
Left/Right Arrows: Raise or reduce the damage per unit time
Up/Down Arrows: Speed up or slow down time


1. The initial square has an HP of 20
2. After (100/HP) seconds, a child is created if the square is still "alive"
3. The AREA of the square represents its HP
4. A child will have the health stat created according to " HP = ("parent's HP") x (random number between (1-volatility) and (1+volatility)) "
5. The HP is reduced by the "damage" stat x 60 per second
6. When HP is reduced to 0, the square "dies"
7. A child will be placed within its parent's length and its (length x 2.5)
8. If two squares overlap THE LARGER ONE SURVIVES (no damage is dealt to it either from this interaction)


Manage the number of squares on screen by varying the damage
Do not overuse the time speed feature, risk vs reward
There is not way of "winning" the game, only losing.

Install instructions

Download and run attached executable.


Evolution Concept Test.exe 2 MB

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