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Memory Loss - Time and memory management


Sit in the safe zone at the start of each level to see a clear open plan of the entire maze as the clock ticks down. As soon as you leave, the maze becomes dark and you must wander in the shadows to traverse your route, but did you remember it correctly. [ See Screenshot 1 ]

"How hard can it get?"

Did you remember the route properly? Which keys do you need and in what order? Which way is up when the maze rotates? Where were the illusory walls? Can I find the secret coin? Where do the teleporters lead? Is it quicker to take the long route or to take the route covered in slow moving sludge? What size do I need to be to fit through certain gaps and where are the size changers? Have I spend too much time sat here plotting a route?

Start with "very easy" to be drip-fed new concepts, or choose "hard" to be thrown straight into the deep-end.

With simple graphics and no sounds there should be no distractions which could cause you to forget where to go, no excuses. It's you verses the clock

Install instructions

If you can't figure out how to run an executable, this is not the game for you.


Memory Loss.exe 2 MB

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